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LED technology is an advanced form of lighting, because it is durable, non-toxic and energy-efficient. Today, up to 300 lm/W lighting power can be achieved by LED technology. Ask our experts more!

LED provides 99% visible light and has an excellent power factor. LEDs do not have harmful UV or IR effects, unlike many traditional light sources. Lower prices brought LEDs to the reach of all consumers, so the LED technology may well replace the sources of light to be found on today's market.


LED is a cost-effective alternative to all the various lighting applications. Payback for the product is at best less than 6 months and most commonly at 2 years. Via our efficient logistic network we are able to guarantee the best supply chain for the benefit of our customers.


The lighting market is undergoing a significant change as old and inefficient light bulbs are being removed from the market in accordance with the EuP Directive by the year 2015. By 2020, both energy consumption and CO2 gases should be 20 % lower than at present.

LED technology development

  • Year 1927: A Russian scientist made the first scientific discoveries
  • Year 2006: The first bright blue LEDs were developed, the breakthrough is close
  • Year 2010: The white light was achieved with the help of phosphor coating
  • Present: All colours of the CIE chart are possible
  • In the future?: Flexible circuit boards and OLED are the latest development ideas